Sunday, December 30, 2007

4 Down 1 To Go

The Ratcliff household is currently being attacked by Pink Eye. I believe that someone in the church generously passed it on to us. It is the season of giving, you know. Thus far I have yet to get it. (Knock on wood) We are trying some homeopathic stuff instead of antibiotics for multiple reasons. I hope this works cuz we are supposed to be leaving for Cincinnati tonight. If anyone has any other great ideas feel free to pass them on.

Goodness Sakes

Just wanna share something funny with you. Tonight Joey was trying to get Ethan to stand still while he got him ready for bed, but Ethan was so tired he was slap happy. Joey told him at least two times to hold still. When Ethan didn't obey Joey swatted his leg. Ethan sobered up real quick, looked at Joey and said "Goodness sakes!" Thankfully the couch pillow was nearby for me to bury my face in.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Chloe decided that sleep wasn't on her "to do" list last night so I got some more pics uploaded. Hopefully Joey will be understanding enough to let me go to sleep when he gets up. (Not holding my breath)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some More Pics!

catch up

I think I've figured this out. :o)

I have more pics to download, but for some reason it takes my computer hours so I'm not sure when I'll get more done.

I hope everyone who reads this had a Merry Christmas. We spent the day with a couple of families from our church and had a really fun time. Tonight we have church, and tomorrow we are going to Lansing to Daron and Amber Jones' house for games and junk food. Friday and Saturday I clean house and pack. Sunday is church, and Monday we leave for Cincinnati!! Yeah!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A picture!!

I finally got a pic to upload! I took one from my old camera and it worked, but it won't do any from my new camera. Go figure. I'll keep working at it.
This is the boys a couple of months ago at the doctor waiting to get shots. I love the little gowns they always have them wear.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sad Day/Happy Day

Today is the funeral of a girl who was a really close friend to me in high school. It saddens my heart to think that she is no longer around. It's also weird to think of somebody dying at my age.
On a lighter note, today is my oldest sister's birthday. She's turning 50! Crazy, huh? My mom is fixing fried chicken for the fam tonight. My diet has been totally out the window since I got here. Oh well, I only get to do this twice a year.
I fly back home tomorrow, but I probably won't have a chance to try and post pictures again until Thursday.