Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christmas in KS (Part 1)

Yummy Christmas dinner!

Love my little girl!!

Christmas in KS (Part 2)

All the cousins took turns reading the Christmas story before we opened presents. For the younger ones Grampa read a little bit and let them repeat after him. Ethan really got into it and was using the same vocal inflections that Phil was using. Wish I would have videoed that.

Joel is in love with Starla.
Each year Esther is into a different game. This year it was Rumikub. I was horrible at it. Later I found out that it would have been much better if a few of the rules had actually been shared with me. :o/

Most of the fam.

Joey and I made homemade pizza for everyone New Year's Day. Got a litte over zealous and ended up eating pizza for several days.

Christmas in KS (Part 3)

Chloe loves to try to squeeze Mr. Potato Head's glasses on her face.


My "adopted parents", Phil and Esther. Love them so much!

Hyper fam pic.