Tuesday, August 26, 2008

July 4th

We spent July 4th in KS with my fam, and had lots of fun although it was unbelievably hot. That day is also the birthday of one of the cousins thus the reason for the pinata.

Ethan's 3rd birthday

This is extremely belated. Ethan turned 3 on August 2nd. Being the totally disorganized mom that I am I didn't plan a birthday party ahead of time. The day of his birthday I felt bad so I invited the fam to go with us to Chuck E. Cheese. We had lots of fun. Here are some pics from that night.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I noticed that the boys were too quiet one day while I was upstairs packing for a trip. This is what I found. Disgusting!!! It's a sweet potato by the way. What's worse is that Joel was holding a wet one with a bite out of it. I won't think too long on that one.

Little Bunsters

The boys have had a blast in their pool this summer. As you can tell I just so happened to be out of swim diapers on this particular day. :o)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's hard to believe that Carrie is done with high school and leaving in a couple of weeks for college. It makes me rather sad. *sniff*

Don Pablos Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

We had a little pre-wedding party for Heidi where we ate an amazing amount of chips and salsa and laughed enough to burn up all those calories. (In RuthAnn's case the laughter wasn't such good medicine.)

Woman Driver

Chloe's first time on the truck. Her "Am I good looking or what" shirt is thanks to G'ma Jewell.

Blooming Musician

Ethan has a sand toy that he goes around and blows/hums into it just like his daddy does with his baritone.

Funky hair

The boys were combing their hair crazy ways at Joey's grad party. The mohawk was the fav.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So much for that. Clutz that I am bumped into the crib and woke up a kid before I could even lie down. *sigh* It was a really good thought.


This is my 10th post for the day. I am glowing with pride. I have more to come. I know. Shock and amazement. This was very tiring so I think I'm gonna sneak in a nap while the kids are down. Not really, but I'm still gonna take a nap.

I was amused by this pic cuz it looked like the kids had no faces.

This was a yummy cheesecake!!

Daddy's little copy cat

We took this pic to celebrate not being pregnant anymore. (At least that was my sentiments) The last time that we were together we were all pregnant.

Daddy's girl through and through.


This was taken some time in May. Ethan absolutely loves to blow dandelions except for the few times that he accidentally inhaled. Then it would fall my lot to "clean" his tongue.


I am blessed with a special circle of friends whose friendships I can count on lasting a lifetime. Heidi is one such person. I couldn't ask for a better friend. I miss her SO much since I've moved back to Cincy.
This is another pic of Ethan's day at King's Island. This time with his shirt on correctly. He rode this ride multiple times.
Okay, so this post is going to come in chunks.

This is my man who finally graduated from college. It's so nice to have the hours of reading behind us.

Please Have a Seat

If I am uninterrupted this blog will be lengthy while I play a little catch up. Big "if."

Here are some pics from the last few months of our lives.

As you can see from the above pic. Life has been rather eventful. The white substance covering my son's body is water proof Desitin. He had a white film covering his body for several days. On another occasion he tried concocting his own hair gel from sunscreen and more desitin. :o/
Ethan went to King's Island for the first time the beginning of the summer and had a blast. After I took this pic I realized that Ethan had his shirt on backwards. (Thanks to Joey)