Friday, May 15, 2009

Kid Update

I've taken pictures lately, but haven't taken the time to transfer them to the laptop. Maybe I'll get around to that next week. (no procrastinating here)
I took the kids to an appointment last week and they were all weighed and measured so I thought I would pass that info on to anyone that cares.
Ethan: 40 inches tall & 38 lbs.
Joel: 38 inches tall & 37 lbs.
Chloe: 31 1/2 inches tall & 28 1/2 lbs.
Looking at this helps me to realize why my back always hurts. :-)
Besides that nothing much is going on in our world. I AM excited about Joey painting the bathroom this weekend. I've had the paint since the beginning of December. (was beginning to think that was a lost cause) It'll be so nice to cross one more thing off our to do list on this house. Besides the fact that I am writing this blog instead of being in the bathroom cleaning the walls and the baseboards. Ughh!!