Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Household Hint

Stop dusting and you can use your coffee table as a message board.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Life the Past 2 Days

This morning I hear *ping* *ping* . . . and it kept happening every little bit. I followed the sound to discover Chloe dropping Peanut Butter Crunch down the heater vent. (We live in an ancient house that has big wholes in the vents.)

Yesterday Ethan and I were talking about colors, and I asked him what color he liked the best. He said, "Ummmm, rainbow!" We have some work to do.

Something I never thought I would need to say to my child. "Ethan, get the straw out of your nose."

We had Jim and Darla Stroup over for supper and Rook on Saturday night. We ordered pizza from a place we just discovered by our house. It ended up that the pizza place made a special pizza with no milk in it for Ethan. He was so excited that he kept saying to us, "Hey guys, HeeHee's (that's what he calls himself) eating pizza!" Over and over.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Wee One on the Wii

I know. Corny title. Couldn't help myself.
Before Christmas one of the malls around here had a whole bunch of Wiis that anyone could play. We decided to let Ethan try one out. He played a boxing game and actually knocked the guy down a couple of times without David's help. Either my son is good or the game is lousy. :o) Anyways, he had a blast and didn't want to stop which is a completely different tale.

I thought she looked so cute in her cousin Venice's hat.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Fam

Thanksgiving was the first time that all of my family was together in the last 12 years or so. It was so good to be able to go home and see everybody. They are all living in the same town now, and get together to eat lunch just about every day at my mom's house. *sigh* Maybe someday I'll live closer to them.

Chloe played and played with these sunglasses when she at Mammy Esther's house. This is the only pic I could get of her with them cuz she wouldn't stand still.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joey had his trumpet out the other night. It was the first time in a while, and Ethan was very interested in it. So I got out an old trumpet that I had picked up at a garage sale a few years back, and Joey showed Ethan how to buzz his lips in the mouth piece. He caught on pretty quick so Joey put the mouth piece on the trumpet, and Ethan actually played some notes. He was pretty proud of himself. He wanted Joey to sing while he played. It was pretty cute.

Monday, January 5, 2009


The following is a conversation the Ethan and I had at lunch today concerning a candy cane sugar cookie that he refers to as the "letter J."

Ethan: Momma, where did my letter J go?
Me: Probably in your tummy.
Ethan: My tummy?
Me: Yup
Ethan: Oh. I'm gonna toot it out. (And he proceeded to try just that.)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cute Cousins

Chloe with her cousins Sophie and Maddie at the Ratcliff Christmas. She got her cute little santa outfit from her Aunt Andrea from whose blog I swiped this pic.
We are working on potty training Ethan. If this was a graded class I would probably be failing. Anyways, I just thought I would pass this on, because it gave me a laugh. Yesterday Ethan was sitting on the toilet doing his business and after being there for a little while he informed me that his toots were stuck. :o)